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Rand Shows

 Our Work 

Below is a sampling of shows & events that Rand Productions has created, developed, written, directed and/or produced. Many are Rand Productions owned IPs, and are available for license and semi-customization, while others are original branded content projects, created/produced for specific corporate clients or entertainment conglomerates.

Rand's services include providing turnkey shows, creating and developing original productions, collaborating on client-based projects, writing new scenes (used within larger productions), improving up-and-running problematic (or under-performing) shows, production/show management, and creative & technical direction.

All projects are backed by Rand Productions' decades of experience, knowledge, alliances, and net results, successfully producing shows in 18 countries around the world.

Executive Producer, Writer & Director - Jeb K. Rand
Rand Shows

Dozens of additional shows have been created & produced by Jeb K. Rand and the Rand Productions team.

If you have interest in any other genres, locations or content, please contact us.

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