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Rand Productions owns & warehouses thousands of costumes, props, modular stages, scenic elements, portable real & synthetic ice surfaces, and various technical elements.  


Costume Examples
In addition to warehousing thousands of professional costumes, the Rand Productions design & manufacturing team often creates and builds new custom wardrobe per show and client's needs.
Note: Rand's Broadway, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Hong Kong designers and 'stichers' only use the highest of quality fabrics, feathers, stones, and materials available. Below are just a few examples of costumes that Rand Productions stocks. 
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Ice & Stage Examples
Our Las Vegas based engineers, technical expertsand creative team have designed a multitude of different shows and projects for just about any location imaginable. 
Regardless if it's installing ice on a beach, aerial rigging on the side of a building, or creating a multi-level stage on a moving float, Rand Productions has the knowledge and experience to handle the most challenging installations.
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